Handy hints / guidelines for the Re-credentialing process

  • Start thinking about the need to identify suitable case studies / episodes of practice early in the year. If you select long-term patients, you have an option to review their progress over time, hence you are likely to be able to meet a wide variety of competencies
  • Before writing your reflective journal, you need to become familiar with the:
  • The self-assessment process required in the Tool promotes reflective practice relevant to these competencies
  • Your reflective journal may comprise a complex scenario / case study or several less complex case studies and episodes of practice. It is very unlikely that a single study or episode will enable you to meet the necessary number of competencies. Consider as wide a selection of opportunities for your journal as possible
  • Write your “story” with as much detail as required, clearly relating the behaviour/s you consider demonstrate the elements of the competencies. At the end of each paragraph in your story, identify each of the elements of the competencies you consider you have met. Transcribe the page / paragraph number to the self assessment column of the Tool eg 1 / 9 (remember that any one detail may meet more than one element or competency)
  • Consider and document ethical dilemmas you experience regularly, as these are often difficult to recall and certainly provide good learning opportunities
  • Use of your data-base / diary will help you to refresh the information over time
  • Include both your personal and professional educational activities as appropriate
  • Discuss your approach with peers who have done / are also doing, recredentialing
  • Your state’s representatives on the Education and Professional Development Subcommittee are willing to assist and support you by discussion, reading a draft of your journal, providing constructive feedback or anything else you believe may help
  • A limit of 2,000 – 3,000 words applies
  • The Competency Evaluation Tool is to be completed in a confidential manner
  • Please retain a copy of your self-assessment and reflective journal
  • The completed Tool must accompany your reflective journal for verification
  • On completion, please forward, by the 1st of September, to the Credentialing Officer (address in the front of The Journal of Stomal Therapy Australia).
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