Credentialing within the AASTN is:

  • Professional recognition of achievement within an advanced nurse’s role
  • A process of peer review of a Stomal Therapy Nurse’s practice
  • Voluntary
  • Available free of charge to all AASTN Full members

Credentialed STNs are identified by the post nominal (Cred)
Each state’s credentialed STNs are identified on their appropriate page available on the menu under Find a STN


Criteria for credentialing

Credentialing Process flowchart

Credentialing Application

Credentialing Process & Practice Exam

Message for participants regarding texts for exam

Guidelines for completing the credentialing process

Credentialing requirements

  • Be an AASTN full member, i.e. Qualified STN
  • Have 2 years full time experience or equivalent
  • Complete Application Form and submit supporting documentation
    • A copy of current practicing certificate
    • Reference or statement of support from your employer
  • Return information to Credentialing Officer by the 30th June

Credentialing process

  • Undertake the National AASTN Inc. Credentialing Examination on the nominated date in September
  • An 80% pass rate is required
  • A number will be allocated on your examination paper to provide anonymity
  • Your nominated supervisor will return the completed paper to Credentialing Officer in stamped, self addressed envelope
  • Papers marked in October, and feedback given to participants
  • Credentialing certificates will be presented at the Annual General Meeting or forwarded
  • Submit your completed portfolio, with copies of supporting documents. e.g. Awards, Academic certification, by 31st May each year

Submit your completed portfolio by post, with copies of supporting documents. e.g. Awards, Academic certification, by 31st May each year (not electronically)

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