Code of ethics

  1. The Stomal Therapy Nurse must at all times maintain the highest professional standards of nursing care and professional conduct which meets the standards developed by the Association.
  2. The Stomal Therapy Nurse will provide needed services to persons irrespective of race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation, age and political or social status.
  3. The Stomal Therapy Nurse must respect the rights of individual people, their dignity, needs, culture, life-directing values and customs.
  4. The Stomal Therapy Nurse will maintain the individual’s right to privacy by maintaining confidentiality and respecting the privileged nature of client information. The right to privacy extends to the protection of the physical, emotional and social rights of clients from unwarranted intrusion.
  5. The Stomal Therapy Nurse will not participate in unethical practice and must at all times maintain the highest standard of ethical practice in nurse-client, nurse-colleague, nurse-organisation and nurse-society relationships.
  6. The Stomal Therapy Nurse must maintain competency by keeping informed of new trends; practice related products; current knowledge of relevant research and be able to apply the results to promote change and innovation in practice.
  7. The Stomal Therapy Nurse will participate actively in professional, inter-professional and community endeavours to support meeting the highest professional standards.
  8. The Stomal Therapy Nurse must maintain impartiality in regard to product and material resources.
  9. No Full Member shall be in the employ of a company or self employed in the manufacture or sale of products, prostheses or pharmaceuticals due to the possible perception of an unethical conflict of interest.

The Stomal Therapy Nurse maintains practice under the assumption that society has a responsibility to respect and protect the environment and its resources.

Acknowledgement: The New Zealand Nurses’ Organisation Code of Ethics, 2010
(Adopted 26th April 1984 – Revised March 2001, July 2011 by AASTN E&PDS)

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