What is a Stomal Therapy Nurse?

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A Stomal Therapy Nurse (STN) specialises in the management of patients with faecal and urinary diversions. In addition, the STN is an expert in the management of difficult and draining wounds, fistulae, gastrostomies, acute and chronic wounds and associated skin care. In short, STNs can assist with advice and management of any stoma and wound issue, and may also provide continence advice.

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A Stomal Therapy Nurse may provide:

  • Expert care and advice to patients, carers, nurses and medical staff on all aspects of stoma and fistula management
  • Pre-operative and post-operative counselling for patients with a stoma
  • Ongoing long term education and review
  • Assistance and support for patients that have long term drain tubes / fistulae
  • Expert advice on acute or chronic wound management
  • Advice on continence issues
  • Advice on bowel health

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