Patient Education Pamphlets

Patient Education PamphletsThe AASTN Inc. Education and Professional Development Subcommittee has reviewed the series of Patient Education Pamphlets for use by Stomal Therapy Nurses in the education of ostomates and others.

Most pamphlets have also been reviewed by the Consumer Council
New pamphlet: Travelling with a stoma

These pamphlets can be downloaded below. They are designed to be used as they are. However if you wish to overprint or double badge with your institution's logo, please download the Microsoft Word versions of the documents here. Please note that best results are achieved using Word version 2007 or higher.
Copyright belongs to the AASTN, and acknowledgement of this source is required if they are altered.

A number of these pamphlets have been translated into Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Vietnamese and Chinese and are available for downloading from the

Royal District Nursing Service website.


Antegrade Colonic Enema
A guide to preventing constipation
Anal discharge following stoma formation
Caring for your child's stoma
Caring for your stoma - a guide for teens
Caring for your colostomy
Caring for your ileostomy
Caring for your urostomy
Colostomy Irrigation
Colostomy Reversal
Eating and drinking for the person with a colostomy
Eating and drinking for the person with an ileostomy
Food fluid and electrolyte balance for the person with an ileostomy
Handy hints for the person with a faecal stoma
Handy hints for the person with a urinary stoma
Healthy bowel habits for all
Ileostomy Reversal
Managing your stoma supplies
Mitrofanoff Management
Peri-anal skin care
Prevention and management of a parastomal hernia
Prevention and management of dehydration in adults
Rehydration solutions
Travelling with a stoma

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